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One such is the rigid scheduling of everyday activities for the people.This is most pronounced for members of the Outer Party and Inner Party and less so for the Proletariat.The other method of dehumanization that the Party has devised is the abolition of sex and intimacy among couple.

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Winston suffers from coughing fits each morning, but still he cannot excuse himself from these ‘physical jerks’ as they are called.

To boot, his varicose ulcer condition is also exacerbated by the strain of exercise.

Winston Smith, the protagonist of the story, is a member of the Outer Party.

As a result he is subject to strict daily routines which have a dehumanizing effect.

By forcing people into these rigorous everyday routines, the Inner Party and the masterminds who inhabit it, induce a sense of helplessness among the population.

If one of the hallmarks of human nature is the ‘freedom’ to think and act accordingly, the agenda of the Party nullifies this possibility.For example, the day begins not with a gentle tap that wakes one up from a peaceful sleep.Instead the ubiquitous telescreen lets out a shrieking, piercing alarm that shocks the sleeper out of bed.In fact the establishment of agencies like Anti-Sex League is toward this end.The rationale for the encouragement of celibacy is that by suppressing the sex-instinct, the instincts toward liberty and free thought might also be repressed.But this is just the beginning of the torturous routine that cannot be evaded by anyone.After the shocking wake-up call the citizens are subject to a compulsory exercise regimen.Caught between his wife’s dogmatic attitude toward marriage and her acquired frigidity of body and emotion, Winston found his fifteen months of married life a dehumanizing experience.Another effective method employed by Big Brother and his team of social planners is total control of personal memory.If the ministry decides that two plus two shall be five and not four, such will become the immutable ‘truth’ in the eerie world of Oceania.Political propaganda is the only guiding logic behind any piece of information dished out by the ministry.


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