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Although it’s not entirely evident from my travel photos, there is greenery – bushes, trees, vines, and flowers absolutely everywhere.

Although it’s not entirely evident from my travel photos, there is greenery – bushes, trees, vines, and flowers absolutely everywhere.

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Bay South Garden (designed by Grant Associates) was completed in 2012, Bay East Garden’s first phase finished in 2011 (Gustafson Porter), and Bay Central Garden is currently in the planning stages.

Above are the Cloud Forest and Flower Dome (reminiscent of Valencia’s City of Arts and Sciences), housing plants from tropical and Mediterranean climates, respectively.

Millions of people tend backyard or container gardens, or keep plants in their home or office window to enrich their life. December and January's joy for me is working hard all day clearing invasive buckthorn and honeysuckle from our woods.

Gardening, visiting gardens and taking advantage of the programmes offered by more than 1,000 botanic gardens, arboreta and conservatories around the world are helping many individuals and communities to cope, mourn and rejoice. In the pages that follow, I offer evidence from my professional experience as Chicago Botanic Garden president and CEO since 2007 along with personal anecdotes to support my strong belief that the practice of gardening, visiting botanic gardens and the healing, education and science programmes of botanic gardens are fundamentally important to the mental well-being of all people. February's reverie is aided by the arrival of plant and seed catalogues.

I know this challenge is familiar to many women, and it certainly was not the first time I had felt this way.

Furthermore, I have wrestled with feelings of anxiety my whole life, and moments like this one have been with me since I was young. While I may not yet hold the gift of perpetual tranquillity, I do know how to garden.But that morning, when the idiom "It's a long row to hoe" started repeating in my mind with the persistence of a pop song, I smiled, exhaled and experienced an epiphany of sorts. Never before had I really thought about that phrase. Yes, I have learned that hoeing some rows is harder than others, when rocks and weeds or puddles are in the way, but I am always certain I can get the job done.I said out loud, "Wow, the noun is 'row', not 'road'! And the labour I expend while gardening even makes me feel rejuvenated – both mentally and physically.Very few flowers, fruits or vegetables worth waiting for grow quickly.What demands our patience and respect for the earth's limits and miraculous capacity more than collecting a seed, protecting it through the winter, planting that seed come springtime, tending to its needs, watching it grow, cherishing its fruit and then waiting for the cycle to repeat?The entire 1.01 million square meters that comprises Gardens By The Bay is actually 3 separate garden complexes, Bay Central Garden, Bay East Garden, and Bay South Garden which houses these ~50 meter “Supertrees”.It is hardly all neon lights and steel however, the Supertrees and the surrounding parks are interwoven with hundreds of species of indigenous and exotic plants.Recommended to me by reader Dave, whom I sent to Dubai back in 2010, Gardens By The Bay is Singapore’s answer to urban sprawl within a nation that is smaller than 76% of the world’s countries.On the very last night of my visit, several hours before departing to Sydney, Australia, I hastily showed up around 8pm…immediately regretting the limited time I had allotted myself and camera.Most of Gardens By The Bay’s outdoor areas are free of admission and open from 5am until 2am everyday of the week.Fortunately for your wallet it’s a cheap visit but it won’t do you any good if you cheat yourself on time.


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