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The residential schools turned into a failed ethnic genocide of aboriginal peoples in Canada that is comparable and no better to the genocide of the Jews in Germany during World War II murdered women, yet next to nothing is being done by the government to fix the issues the Aboriginals of Canada are currently facing.Residential schools were an occasion where Canadians were guilty of committing genocide.

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They thought it would benefit Canada economically, and Indigenous people would learn how to behave in the European society, “both government and missionaries believed that assimilation would be a long-term During the 19th century Aboriginal people faced a whole lot of discrimination in Canada, their beliefs and culture were considered to be ill-advised, this led to residential schools being opened for Aboriginal kids. Assimilation was seen as a possible way to resolve an "Indian problem" crisis.

When understanding residential schools it is important to look at the cultural impact it left with kids. Duncan Campbell Scott once declared, “I want to get rid of the Indian problem. Therefore, the Canadian understand the different events that have gone on in the past and some that are still to this day happening.

In 1876, these acts together alongside with other rules and regulations formed the Indian Act.

The government thought it was best to be able to control every aspect of the First Nations people’s lives.

This assimilation would turn violent due to the abuses of the churches that were running daily operations of schools.

These experiences would cause many after affects long after the residential school era ends.

It was stated in annual report of the Department of the Interior Indian Affairs in 1876: Our Indian legislation generally rests on the principle, that the aborigines are to be kept in a condition of tutelage and treated as wards or children of the State.

…the true interests of the aborigines and of the State alike require that every effort should be made to aid the Red man in lifting himself out of his condition of tutelage and dependence, and that is clearly our wisdom and our duty, through education and every other means, to prepare him for a higher civilization by encouraging him to assume the privileges and responsibilities of full citizenship. During the 19th and early 20th century, federal government was presented with the belief that First Nations Peoples would need to be assimilated into the Western European culture in Canada .

I do not think as a matter of fact, that the Indian in the child” as it was commonly said. "A History of Residential Schools in Canada." CBCnews. One of the main things to learn about is residential schools.

The children were forcibly separated from their families to live in year-round schools where they were taught “white man” curriculum, with a two-month vacation time, completely separated from their Aboriginal heritage and forbidden from speaking their own languages (The Residential School System). What First Nations imagined residential schools to be like and how they actually were, are two different things.


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