Abstract Research Paper Format

The abstract in AMA style should give key components of the complete research.In Chicago style, the synopsis or abstracts word count must remain below 300.However, the typical length of an abstract is from 100 to 500 words but it is suggested that abstract should not be more than one page.

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It is also said that too long abstracts are useless because they do not give specific information of the complete written paper.

In Harvard styles, abstracts mostly ranges from 100 to 300 words in length.

Over the course of three years, Eliot and his students reimagined canonical literature as writing by working poets for working people—a model of literary history that fully informed his canon reformation in .

This example demonstrates how attention to teaching changes the history of English literary study.

According to APA style manual, the suggested word count an abstract should be between 150 to 250 words.

However, some professors may have definite word requirement so it is better to ask.

Here are a few guidelines to follow when composing an abstract: : the Modern English Literature extension school tutorial that Eliot taught to working-class adults between 19.

Contextualizing Eliot’s tutorial within the extension school movement shows how the ethos and practices of the Workers’ Educational Association shaped his teaching.

They aim to demonstrate the relevance of Eliot’s teaching to his ideas about literature, and so they move next to discuss some of the details of that teaching.

Finally, the abstract concludes by telling us about the consequences of this argument.


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