Advantage And Disadvantage Of Mass Media Essay

People of other age groups are also influenced by the media.They are using this in the form of newspapers, television, radio and internet to avail maximum advantages such as information dissemination, entertainment and latest updates of various promotions etc.They tend to listen habitually, at predictable times, to stations with narrowly targeted formats.

With the advent of electronic media, images and videos are beamed across the world via television and the mobile gadgets.

People can access information at the click of the button.

It has become a mandatory part of people’s lives as media are everywhere.

Youngsters are mostly influenced by media because of its numerous benefits.

Transparency: Media has helped to make the working of a nation extremely transparent.

According to the experts, it is the third pillar of democracy after the government and the people.

Due to allegiance to different parties, people are exposed to only one side of the truth.

As a result, media has caused lots of social upheavals across the world resulting in political turmoil.

Common man can air his grievances without any problem through the social media so that the higher authorities of the ruling class can take action for their good.

Unlike the past when decision making was masked by opacity, the functioning of the modern government is scrutinized lock stock and barrel by the media.


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