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If we look at the history, years ago the weapons used caused huge destruction.Imagine the kinds of weapons being manufactured now days..

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Waterproof devices with 2 year breakage warranty, who would’ve thought of it in the past?

Modern technology has expanded the entertainment industry.

50 years later when the advanced versions of the current technologies will be introduced, they are going be the modern technologies of that time.

Years ago when smartphones were introduced people were very careful while using them.

Even GTA and FIFA are now available on smartphones! It is a kind of need that we humans need to survive.

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With the help of modern technology, we can now access information within seconds.With the introduction of social media and smartphones, more and more people prefer to interact online rather than meeting their friends and family. Humans need to interact in order to survive and grow.Lack of interaction can cause depression and anxiety disorders.Everyone can now post their inner feelings on social media and can raise voice against evil together.Social media can be used to carry out a protest or sign a petition in favor or against a particular situation.The devices were sensitive and quite complicated back then.If we look at the smart phones of the same companies now days, they have more quality than before.More machines mean that the demand for labor and employees reduces increasing the unemployment rates of a country.Employees lose jobs and they face difficulties raising their families.This is not just limited to the things mentioned above.Social networking is another part of it, which has helped this world to turn into global village.


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