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This however is not true of past and present historian’s analysis of one of the greatest leaders in the history of the ancient world.Alexander, son of Philip the II, king of Macedon is brought to light with many different opinions.Alexander’s parents, Philip the II and Opympias wanted the best education for their son and so they sought out three of Macedonia’s greatest teachers to educate the young boy. Leonidas was a strict disciplinarian who instilled in Alexander his Spartan nature which became famous during his Persian Indian expeditions” (Nosotro 2).

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They became friends in childhood and remained that way until Hephaestion’s death shortly before Alexander’s own fate.

“During life the two had portrayed themselves as Achilles (Alexander) and Patrochus (Hephaestion), and it was generally accepted that this was a genuine and deeply-felt friendship” (Borgia 2).

On the other side of it, because of Leonidas background and his Sparta past, Alexander learned skillful war tactics that would help him later in life.

The second teacher in his life was Lysimachus, “Lysimachus taught Alexander to play the lyre, and taught him an appreciation for the fine arts of music, poetry, and drama” (Nosotro2).

At a young age he possessed the skills of greatness.

“From the time Alexander was a boy he was fearless.

This is where we begin to see the impression the stories of Homer had on Alexander’s life.

He reveled in the life of Achilles and it is well know that he later went on his long conquer with the idea that he himself was an extension of Achilles leading his men.

The ultimate goal of a historian is to accurately depict events and translate them as they occurred.

With modern news and technology our future descendents of this planet will have no problem gaining a vast understanding of how we lived and the historic events that took place.


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