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The approved assessment tests are: THEA (formerly named TASP), ASSET, COMPASS, and ACCUPLACER.

The minimum passing scores for each of these tests are set by the state; each institution may establish its own score requirements at or above these minimums.

The length of time varies from one to three hours depending on each student.

However, once you have selected and confirmed your answer, you cannot return to that question.

The Texas Success Initiatives include Elementary Algebra, Reading Comprehension, TXWrite Placer Plus(Essay), and Sentence Skills.

Algebra Essay Questions Essay On Why I Want To Be A Nurse

Calculators are permitted only when taking the Math section of the exam and it is provided on the computer screen.

Is there a growing push to trim advanced math requirements for students who won’t use the lessons in “the real world?

” City University of New York political science professor Andrew Hacker authored a Sunday op-ed in the New York Times which questions whether U. schools should require students to pass algebra in order to graduate.

PLACEMENT REQUIREMENTSStudents who pass the assessment test may still be required to enroll in a developmental education course if their test scores do not meet the placement requirements established by the University of Houston academic departments.

See your academic advisor for detailed information about UH placement requirements.


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