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This Golden Age era was one of consensus that everything was OK and not to be changed, but only if you were white.

Things were great for you if you were a regular blue collared white worker, but this was hardly a period of opportunity for African Americans.

In this speech, Martin Luther King reminded all that a hundred years later, the “Negro still is not free”.

Despite the deeply troubling wave of assassinations of John F.

However at least Eisenhower played up when forced to, for instance when The governor of Arkansas sent in the national guard in order to prevent the integration of nine black students in a central high school, nicknamed the Little Rock Nine, Eisenhower ordered in the 101st airborne military division to walk African American children to walk children to school for a whole year.

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Despite the school closing soon after, this act allowed government workers to see that they weren’t entitled to ignore the orders from court and the constitution. Following the Mississippi Riot in 1962, which was organised after a black man wasn’t allowed to attend an all white school, James Meredith became the first man to have a federal court to approve his case allowing him to attend.Kennedy in 1963, Malcolm X in 1965 and Martin Luther King in 1968, the 60’s was a critical time or the Civil Rights Movement.In this same year of the March on Washington, the Civil Rights Bill was approved by congress which would strike down discrimination and just two years later the 1965 voting rights act was passed, allowing African Americans to begin voting and standing for congress.This paved the way for other landmark trials such as 1954’s Brown vs.The Education Board in Topeka – California’s governor Earl Warren signed a state order that repealed all school segregation in the state.19 also gave birth to the NAACP and KKK parties which spread their racist rhetoric throughout the United States and incited violence against the African American population.The 1940’s saw a boom in the middle class, GNP growth like never before, wages nearly doubling and an overall enormous wave of economic expansion.In December 1955, when Rosa Parks “the first lady of civil rights” famously refused to obey a bus driver to stand up and let a white passenger sit down, her arrest resulted in the Montgomery Bus Boycott.This became a vital fragment of United States history which resulted in a Court decision showing that segregated buses were not constitutional.All over the country, every place from stores to libraries donned “no coloured” signs.It wasn’t as though before the 1950’s African American people weren’t fighting for their rights, but the 50’s were a significant decade as black people started instead to win the fight.


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