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Animal testing is a very controversial and well-researched topic. There are legislations that prevent any cruelty and thus animals are kept under humane…… Animal Testing: Cosmetics and Toiletries Animal testing is the use of non-human animals in a variety of experiments (Wikipedia, 2005) Many experiments aim to test certain substances to determine their effect on humans, or to test medical or psychological hypotheses. Scientists do not love to put animals to testing for no reason whatever. Rowan - Article Title: Ethical Review and Te Animal Care and Use Committee. The Use of Animal Models to Study the Effects of Aging on Cognition, Annual Review of Psychology. Some of the most common animals on which tests are being conducted are the monkeys that are considered to be relatively close in terms of structure and behavior to humans. Study on Long-Term Effects of Chemicals on the Environment Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution. Online available at work states that diverse organizations including the 'Chemical Industries Association', CEFIC, the Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions as well as the Department of Health and Friends of the Earth "...raise the impact of chemicals assessment policy on animal testing. Most of the Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions' postbag on the European Commission Chemicals Strategy concerns the huge increase in animal testing likely to result.

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Research Study Conducted for Coalition for Medical Progress. The fact that that many animals suffer as a result of animal testing is indisputable. Human use of animals for experimental purposes dates from pre-Christian times, and Alexandrian physicians Herophilus and Erasistratus were the first to use living animals during the 3rd century B. During the 1820's and 1830's, Francois Magendie conducted extensive animal experiments that led to notable advance in neuro-physiology (Animal Pp). Henry Bergh founded the ASPCA in 1866, who believed that animals have the right to be respected by humans, and to be treated kindly, and to be protected under the law.

Even more amazing is the fact that most of the medicine that she uses had been created with the help of animal testing (Owen). ithout this research, many of the life-saving therapies available today would not exist. Andreas Verslius created the modern science of anatomy by systematic dissection of and experimentation on living animals during the mid-1500's, and illiam Harvey's demonstration of the circulation of the blood in 1628, relied on a combination of dissection and animal experimentation as well (Animal Pp). PETA & ASPCA The ASPCA was the very first humane society to exist in North America, according to their website.

"Why We Need Alternatives." Chronicle Of Higher Education 57.12 (2010): B9-B10. Most Human Diseases Are Unique to Us, and Testing on Other Species Is Downright Misleading.

[Online website] Available at on: 25/09/2005] Peter Tatchell - Article Title: Why Animal Research Is Bad Science: The Government Is Wrong to Support Vivisection -- And Not Only Because of the Suffering Caused to Non-Human Creatures.

"Animal Research Means Medical Progress." Accessed 02 November 2012, from Ringach, D. "The Use of Nonhuman Animals in Biomedical Research" the American Journal of the Medical Sciences, Vol 342, No 4. (2004) "The use of non-human animals in research: a guide for scientists." Accessed 02 November, 2012 from controversy with regard to preclinical testing on animals, as society has reached a point where the ethics behind testing drugs on animals makes it difficult and almost impossible for researchers to continue to perform their studies. Even though testing on animals can be considered cruel by some, the reality is that it is one of the principal reasons why society as a whole was able to produce some of the drugs that helped mankind evolve rapidly during recent decades. Use of Transgenic Animals to Improve uman ealth and Animal Production. Animal Advocacy Organizations There are many local, national, and international organizations that advocate for the rights and welfare of animals, domestic and wild. Animal ights & Testing The author of this report has been asked to contrast, compare and analyze three articles that all relate to basically the same thing, that being the status and rights of animals. The Case for the Use of Animals in Biomedical Research. doi:10.1056/nejm198610023151405 Regan, T., & Singer, P.

Therefore, the question is often related to the ethical and moral nature of testing on monkeys. [Read More] References AAVVS (2012) "Problems with animal research" Accessed 02 November 2012, from OSLh K6E/b.6456997/k.3D74/Problems_with_Animal_Americans for Medical Progress (2012). Food and Drug Administration agency are unhesitant about supporting testing in animals because this is in most cases the most effective way to find out more about a drug's potential effects on a human. It would seem difficult for the Commission to make recommendations on chemical assessment without addressing the issues of the acceptability of alternatives to animal testing, and the implications of the recommendations for animal testing. Over the years there have been hotly debated arguments over the use…… CONSUMER POLICY: SPLITS OVER PLANNED CHANGES TO COSMETICS DIRECTIVE., European Report, . UK legislation requires that researchers refine their procedures to keep suffering to the minimum, ensure the number of animals is reduced to the minimum required for meaningful results, and seek to replace the use of animals with non-animal alternatives where appropriate" (the oyal Society, 2004). The so-called tragedy of the commons is defined as the fact that people tend to exploit common resources to the maximum degree possible for their own benefit, thus indirectly harming other or future people who could benefit from the resource (“Tragedy of the Commons,” 2018). Animal Senses Herman, Pack and Hoffman-Kuhnt performed relatively rigorous experiments to determine the source of dolphin recognition of objects; they wanted to discover, among other things, whether "dolphins attained the shape discriminations (of objects) through associative learning or direct perception" (Herman et al. Fukuzawa, Mills and Cooper sought to determine the mechanism by which domestic dogs responded to commands. Yet, the most obvious line of reasoning is associated with the fact that granting animals the same rights as humans within society leads to many logical contradictions. Given the threat posed by climate change, it makes sense that nuclear power would be increasing in share, not decreasing. Understanding Systematic Reviews and Meta-analysis. Those who oppose animal testing believe that it is inhumane treatment of living things. Minnesota student group defends using animals for research purposes., University Wire, . Sometimes it is right to sacrifice animals for our own well-being., Independent, , pp 21. Describe an example of one of these common property resources that is not (tragically) overexploited (use the term “institution/s” in your discussion). Animal Rights And Human Obligations, 1(1), 162-172. Arguments have been formed differentiating animals from humans depending upon both their moral status and biological status. Second, nuclear energy offers what might well be the best solution to climate change. This essay will show the pro and con sides of animal testing/animal experimentation. Does it remain as unavoidable or can society move past animal testing and find new ways to test products and medicines? 'The Conflict Over Animal Experimentation: Is The Field Of Battle Changing? There is strong evidence supporting this claim though technology today allows scientists to bypass animal testing in many cases. These developments are sometimes attributed partly to the fact that scientists and researchers have been able to use animals as "guinea pigs" for testing new medications or treatment methods before passing them to human volunteers. Ed Owen's (2005) testimony regarding his daughter and how she manages to stay alive due to the large amount of medicine that she takes is certainly breathtaking. [Read More] Animal Testing Today, there is hardly any product, from shampoo to pharmaceutical drugs that has not undergone animal testing before reaching the public marketplace. Retrieved March 19, 2010, from Avert Web site: Peter, Williams, Andrew and Eve, Malcolm. First dose of potential new medicines to humans: how animals help. In this paper, the two will be compared and contrasted. This report will conclude with a setting up, but not a full execution, of the author's own potential argument that might or might not happen on future reports. Talking Point on the use of animals in scientific research. However, it is also characteristic for them to be in total agreement with the procedure when it involves their well-being or the welfare of someone close to them. In order to see the topic of animal testing in a context enabling a person to understand why it is significant, one would have to consider the numerous cases when drugs that…… Two of those organisations are PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) and the ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals). As part of the analysis, there will be an agreement on the points with which the author of this report agrees, a critical thinking of how the authors attempt to refute each other, the key elements of those refutations, the significant connections that exist between the three texts, what those connections mean to the author of this report in terms of framing the author of this report's views and a gist of the synthesis conducted will bring up the proverbial rear of the analysis. Animal testing has been proved to be beneficial regarding a lot of diseases and this cannot be denied by anyone. Ruesch, Hans (1989) 1000 Doctors (and many more) Against Vivisection Civis: London . Some of these animals are also the ones that are abandoned and are kept in pounds or shelters (Kate Kristoff).


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