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If we're talking about the population of the entire United States my death has relatively little impact.Now what's some of the evidence that Darwin used to come up with his theory of evolution and some of the evidence that scientists use nowadays in order to construct our better understanding of how new species arise from old ones.

If we're talking about the population of the entire United States my death has relatively little impact.

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These guys would wear over a hundred pounds worth of equipment and they could stand up and fight.

They were really tough, but they would go off on the crusades for decades leaving their little witty serfs behind saying "don't worry my Lord I'll watch the castle...

Variations in a species' genetics that lead to evolution often come from mutations.

For thousands of years human beings have been interested in the world around them and one of the things that has been noted is that over time things seem to change, there's this process that goes on, in the Biological world of evolution, and what evolution is the genetic change within a population over a long period of time.

Cows how do we get all the different breeds of cows?

Same way, you have bulls with the traits that you like mate with the cows.

Now let's look a little bit more closely at natural selection and see what that is.

Natural selection is the idea that those who have a genetic trait that increases their chance of having children or offspring they'll pass their genes on more than those who don't have that genetic trait.

For example if you think back to England during the time of the crusades who was the strongest individuals?

The knights sitting there in their armor, mighty muscles.


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