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A figure/table should be introduced in the text right after the writer makes a first reference to it.

Leave three blank lines before every heading, after every principal paper section and chapter heading.

Leave a blank line between the headings if they follow each other. The first letter of the words a heading includes (except for articles, prepositions, and conjunctions) has to be capitalized. If any of the entries in the numbered list occupy more than two lines, extra lines may start at the margin or indent the whole paragraph to the right of the indicated numbers.

However, the following items should be single-spaced: In APA, all typed content has to be double-spaced, the above-mentioned points included.

In the majority of cases, the APA rules presented above supplant the common ones.

These items should be placed by 2″ from the top of a page.

Consider the following example: Demonstrate the importance of the discussed issues by formatting the chapter headings according to the rules provided in the style manual you are using or the form given below.

It is not advised to use mixed typefaces when producing papers.

The titles of books, definitions, and statistical symbols can be either underlined or italicized. As to the headings, they have to be underlined in the cases when it is acceptable but not italicized. According to the standard dissertation format, the right margin should not be justified. In order to ensure that the text is easy to read, set the margins in the following way: Do not leave more than 2″ of white space without any text when providing tables/figures, and writing the very text.

Use lowercase Roman numerals (v, ix, etc.) to identify all the following pages till the first page of a text.

The numbers are to be centered between the margins and put by 3/4″ from the bottom edge of a sheet of paper.


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