Aquinas Essay Existence God

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Hume would argue that the universe is just a ‘brute fact’; it just is and has no cause.Aquinas believed that, using this logic, the fact that everything used to not exist must mean that there was a time when nothing at all existed because there would be nothing to bring anything else into existence.Therefore, ‘there must exist something the existence of which is necessary.’ Aquinas goes on to state that, because he believes infinite regression to be impossible, there must be ‘some being having of itself its own necessity…causing in others their necessity’ which he argues is God.Using a posteriori knowledge, it may seem apparent that every effect has a cause.However, if you use a priori knowledge, you could easily reason that, not everything which exists has a cause.By this logic, everything which is ‘in a state of movement’ must have been put into this state by a different object.Because of Aquinas’ rejection of the possibility of infinite regression, this means that there must have been a ‘first mover’ who is ‘put into motion by no other.’ This is, by Aquinas’ logic.For example, though it may be possible to imagine a magician pulling a rabbit out of a magician’s hat without having a cause of its existence, this does not mean that it is logical to think that it is possible.By this logic, while it is possible imagining the universe coming into existence without a cause, that does not mean that it is logical or reasonable to think so.Aquinas goes on to attempt to further strengthen his Cosmological Argument in his Third Way: The Argument from Contingency.In this way, Aquinas argues that all things which exist in nature are contingent; they did not exist, in the future will cease to exist and, as well as this, it is possible for them never to have come into existence.


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