Assassination Essay False Jfk Mystery

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The Cuban Missile Crisis is remembered today as a Kennedy success story, and indeed Kennedy's steady hand during the crisis may very well have prevented World War III.

But many insiders at that time viewed the Kennedy blockade as yet another sign of weakness and failure of nerve.

On the same day, November 22 1963, a CIA officer was handing an assassination instrument to Rolando Cubela, code-named AMLASH, in the latest of CIA attempts to murder Fidel Castro.

The case officer's superior, Special Affairs Staff Desmond Fitzgerald, had personally met with Cubela earlier, and presented himself as a personal representative of Robert Kennedy.

This changed with the ill-fated Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba, inherited from the Eisenhower administration.

Kennedy accepted responsibility publicly, but privately blamed the CIA and obtained the resignation of longtime Director Allen Dulles and others.

recur over and over again in the Kennedy assassination saga, with many unanswered questions.

What have we learned from the voluminous CIA declassifications of the 1990s? President Kennedy entered office as an advocate of a stronger line against Fidel Castro's Cuba, and was a fan of the kind of counterinsurgent warfare employed by the CIA.

An internal CIA memo from September 1967 lists those claimed by Garrison to have Agency ties: Clay Shaw, Lawrence La Borde, Emilio Santana, Victor Manuel Paneque, Alberto Fernandez Hechavarria, Carlos Bringuier, Gerald Patrick Hemming, Jack Rogers, William Dalzell, Schlumberger Corp., Donald Norton, and Gordon Novel.

Only in the latter two cases did the CIA claim absolutely no relationship; others were at least contacts or in some cases more (Carlos Bringuier's DRE anti-Castro organization was "conceived, created, and funded by the CIA").


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