Assign Keyboard Shortcuts

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If you want to help, see the README file in the source repository for instructions.

Open your System Preferences and click on "Keyboard". Better write it down before you quit i Tunes because spelling counts! The next time you start i Tunes, look in its Scripts Menu.

You can now open your program with the hotkey you’ve specified.

You must make sure that your keyboard shortcut doesn’t conflict with any existing shortcuts, either Windows defaults or from within the Win Hot Key interface. It’s best to stick to Windows ’X’ combinations to avoid conflicts.Then, in the directory, double click an file, then when asked, choose to browse what application should be used to open such files. This will allow you to run Auto Hotkey scripts by double clicking them. After, open a Notepad file and paste the code there. Navigate to the directory you extracted Autohotkey.Creating a hotkey extension can be quite complex, but thankfully there are dozens of great autohotkey scripts on the internet. On the page shared above, click the Raw button to be taken to a raw text file. Next, click the Save as type drop down box and select All files. To use this hotkey script, you’ll need to double click it each time you start your PC.This time though, you’ll need to browse to a specific file or application.If you choose the open document option, most documents will work, so long as you have a supporting application defaulted to open those kinds of files.Alternatively, you can just copy and paste the location.Win Hot Key will automatically grab the application icon so that you are given visual context about it.Want to know how to create keyboard shortcuts to do anything on Windows 10? Surprisingly, it’s quite easy to create a quick keybind that can open programs, perform repeatable tasks, and speed up your workflow.I’ll suggest a number of different options you can use to make keyboard shortcuts and provide some examples of how you can use them to their max potential.The potential for more advanced Autohotkey scripts is quite impressive. Some examples include the following: I hope that this guide on using Windows keyboard shortcuts has been useful. If so, send me a Tweet and I’ll be happy to help out as soon as possible.This page has been converted from the Fedora Project Wiki and cleaned up for publishing here on the Fedora Docs Portal, but it has not yet been reviewed for technical accuracy.


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