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Having lived much of their social life online, many young people expressed concern that they hadn’t developed the skills they needed to read possible partners in live, face-to-face situations.How do you tell if someone thinks you are special or just wants to be friends? Bin Nayef had been summoned to the palace and surrounded by guards.Sadly, the bait failed and she was ultimately hunted down and killed.

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Society collectively tests these ideas, bats them around or ignores them, and only a tiny few make it out the narrow end of the funnel, where they are declared useful or true. Internet trolls simply overwhelm the system with swarms of falsehood. In 2010, a vase with a starting price of $800,000 sold in a suburban London auction for $69.5 million.

There used to be an implicit honor code — truth exists, credentials matter, what hasn’t been tested isn’t knowledge — but the honor code has been swept away. But today, it can’t be ignored because a lot of it is spewed by the president of the United States. Coincidentally, Chinese art is now routinely looted from Western art museums.

In 1995, 74 percent of 17-year-old women had had a special romantic relationship in the preceding 18 months.

By 2014, only 46 percent of 17-year-olds had ever had a romantic relationship of any kind.

There are, of course, landscapes that are more amenable to the habitation of big cats.

Leopards are temperamentally comfortable in scrub forests, for example, and tigers were thought to prefer dense forests.

Rauch shows that the national conversation had an architecture, which has now been reduced to sand. One kid who has special needs approaches me like he’s won the lottery. In “The Great Chinese Art Heist,” in GQ, Alex Palmer walks us through these “Mission Impossible”-style robberies.

It’s hard to write about what religious faith feels like. He also captures the nationalist fervor driving the frenzy.

The way that we live on Earth is causing an unprecedented acceleration in species extinction.

Now, more than half a million species “have insufficient habitat for long-term survival” and are likely to go extinct unless their natural environments are restored.


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