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I’ll leave early, arrive early, and get there around .

That takes all the stress out of the situation, and that’s ideal because non-stressful commutes are one of my favorite things.

Haltiwanger’s article is (I hope) talking mostly about okay late people. They think they’re a little more special than everyone else, like the zero-remorse narcissist at the top of Haltiwanger’s article. When a sane person thinks a certain kind of behavior is fine, they do it. So to a punctual person—one who shows up on time because they believe showing up late is the wrong thing to do—someone who’s chronically late must be an asshole who thinks being late is okay.

When it comes to people who are chronically not okay late, I think there are two subgroups: Group 1) Those who don’t feel bad or wrong about it. Group 2) Those who feel terrible and self-loathing about it. But that’s misunderstanding the entire second group, who, despite being consistently late, usually detest the concept of making other people wait.

I feel like an adult, so it’s easy to act like an adult.

But times when the monkey had his way with me all day, when the time rolls around that I need to stop working and head out somewhere, I can’t be the situation. You didn’t do what you were supposed to do, and now you’ll sit here and get more done, even if it makes you late.” So yeah, that’s why I’m late—because I’m insane.When she finally arrived, instead of being able to have a pleasant conversation with her, I’d get into the car seething. She managed to miss that one I’ve been a CLIP my whole life.I’ve made a bunch of friends mad at me, I’ve embarrassed myself again and again in professional situations, and I’ve run a cumulative marathon through airport terminals.Usually what happens is, of all the times the CLIP has done a certain activity or commute, what they remember is that one time things went the that will get me to internalize that packing for a week-long trip takes 20 minutes. You just take out the bag, throw some clothes in it, throw your toiletries in, zip it up and done. The empirical data that shows that there are actually a lot of little things to think about when you pack and that it takes 20 minutes every time is irrelevant. It’s not that I hate the activity—once I’m there I’m often pleased to be there—it’s an irrational resistance to the There’s a pretty strong correlation here—the worse I feel about my productivity so far that day, the more likely I am to be late.When I’m pleased with how I’ve lived the day so far, the Rational Decision-Maker has a much easier time taking control of the wheel.Let call them CLIPs (Chronically Late Insane Person).While both groups of not okay late people end up regularly frustrating others, a reliable way to identify a Group 2 CLIP is a bizarre compulsion to defeat themselves—some deep inner drive to inexplicably miss the beginning of movies, endure psychotic stress running to catch the train, crush their own reputation at work, etc. As much as they may hurt others, they usually hurt themselves even more. I spent around 15% of my youth standing on some sidewalk alone, angrily kicking rocks, because yet , all the other kids had gotten picked up and I was still waiting for my mom. My sister once missed an early morning flight, so they rescheduled her for the following morning.The 17-year-old said she had arrived just three minutes late at Roosevelt High School in East Los Angeles after missing the bus one morning.She was sent to the “tardy room” for the rest of the period, and instructed to write repeatedly: “I will not be late to school.... Otherwise a good student who said she rarely misses class, she was scheduled to give a presentation on American heroes during first period history.Roosevelt is reevaluating the long-standing tradition of herding late students into a holding room for the remainder of the class period.Other schools have dropped the practice altogether, saying such policies allow students to fritter away instructional time in an era when schools are held accountable for pupils’ performance and low test scores.


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