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Business school representatives can learn a lot about applicants from the way they talk about the difficulties they have encountered throughout their career.

If you are able to showcase your personal and professional growth as a result of a challenging situation, this can only elevate your profile in the eyes of admissions directors.

While it can be tempting to try and paint a spectacular picture of yourself, it is imperative that MBA aspirants remain true to their actual professional skills and personal values.

Eric Lucrezia, Recruitment Manager at ESSEC Business School (France), reinforces this idea: A lot of people try to project an image of themselves that may or may not be who they really are.

Check out: 4 Common MBA Essay Questions of B-School Applicants It may sound insignificant or trivial to some, but careful proofreading is essential in the final stage of essay writing before actually submitting the text.

Editing is necessary in order to determine if the structure, arguments, and logic of the essay are all there.Most importantly, make sure the text is not only free of grammatical errors and typos but that it also delivers your arguments in a convincing manner.As long as you follow these guidelines closely, your unique voice will echo through the MBA essays you submit and that will bring you a step closer to getting admitted to business school.Although every essay prompt is different and each business school applicant will be able to find a unique approach to their submission, there are some essential MBA essay writing strategies to follow.First and foremost, admissions directors are looking for class participants who fit the focus and values of their MBA program., we CAN explain the application process and the actions you can take at each stage to maximize your odds of acceptance.We cover not only the written application and interview process, but also the steps you can take to build your MBA profile in the years before you apply, and the unofficial parts of the process that can be surprisingly important, like networking with schools.Finding answers to questions such as these will not only help you write the most relevant MBA essay, but they will also show you whether this is exactly the study opportunity you are looking for.Check out: Top 10 Articles about MBA Admission and Test Prep in 2018 In many cases, MBA essay prompts are somewhat personal in nature.Business school aspirants need to be able to communicate clearly and convincingly why they should join the program and how their participation will benefit their fellow students and the school as a whole.At the end of the day, the best way to acquire that amount of knowledge about the university is by doing extensive research into what the program offers.


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