Black Hawk Down Summary Essay

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On October 3, 1993, Task Force Rangers attempted to arrest Omar Salad Elmi, Aidid’s foreign minister, and Mohamed Hassan Awale, Aidid’s political advisor. convoys came under attack early as Somali militia crowded the streets and blocked roads with burning tires. troops rushed to save the downed crewmen, and the entire U. force came under siege from the militia in the city. As a result, President Clinton, under heavy pressure from the U. The book explains the difference between the "Army Rangers" and "Delta Force" and what their purposes are.

This disastrous mission led to the Battle of Mogadishu. As vehicle convoys came under small arms fire and RPG (rocket propelled grenade) attacks, two Blackhawk helicopters were shot down. If one wishes to understand the context of the mission and wishes to know background information on the different units, the book This article discusses the history of Somalia as a nation, along with the rise of war lords and anarchy in Somalia from the 1960s-1990s. is a reality check for the hyper saturated action movie. At the very least, Operation Restore Hope has shown that U. policy makers and soldiers have learned the lesson of Vietnam mainly by rote and have yet to turn it into an integrated intervention policy.".

The Army Ranger motto is "Leave No Man Behind," and they aren't kidding. was initially involved in Somalia to stop the country's warlords from looting humanitarian aid meant for victims of one of the century's worst famines. More than 1,000 Somalians were killed in the brutal firefight.

Even though they captured the people they were looking for, the Rangers and Delta Force soldiers wouldn't leave the area until the bodies were recovered from the Black Hawks, even after it was clear the pilots were dead. Even though the warlord's aides were captured, what most Americans saw the next day on TV were horrifying images of U. soldiers' bodies being dragged naked through Somalian streets by joyous throngs. But the American role there drifted into something else without much public consciousness or, apparently, strategic thinking. Like the best-selling non-fiction book by Mark Bowden on which the movie was based, the film simply tells this astonishing, sad and grisly story.

It also shows us, as military historians and soldiers have argued for centuries, why soldiers fight: for their pals, even in the most pointless of causes.

For me, this movie makes Saving Private Ryan look like a TV special. The movie, directed by Ridley Scott, stars Josh Hartnett, Sam Shepard and Tom Sizemore as various Army Rangers and Delta Force soldiers who found themselves under seige by thousands of enraged Somalians in a l993 battle that was the longest sustained firefight involving American troops since the Vietnam War.

In a way, Afghanistan suggests that the kind of heroism, sacrifice and bloody combat depicted in is a thing of the past.

Today, a few members of Delta force would probably be squirreled away in some of Mogadishu's apartment buildings, directing laser-guided bombs.

The kind of camaradarie and loyalty depicted in this movie is unknown to all but a handful of people in the world.

It's true, which gives it enormous punch -- and it's a hell of a story.


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