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For example, Romeo and Juliet is romantic no matter it is read from a book or watched from a movie.

There are different ways to get a story from different sources in modern times.

Books have been good sources for stories, but movies are getting more popular and have the same story with the books.

I said how brave she was going round the world, and how much I’d like to do it but I didn’t have the skills and courage to do the same.

She insisted that bravery doesn’t really come into it, sometimes you just have to go.

I wouldn’t say that after that it is necessarily easy, but I would say if you keep going forward you won’t want to look back!

I am greatly influenced by the novel – The Alchemist.When she left to continue on her travels she gave me a copy of this book, with an inscription that was taken from its last chapter which basically says, the hardest part of any endeavour (or journey) is taking the first step, making the decision to go, and after that it’s easy!The book is a true account of a young woman who decides to cross the Great Australian Desert on her own by camel!The readers can have different feedbacks to the story, but the audiences can only agree with the movies; therefore, reading books and watching movies make the readers or audiences response differently.Watching movies can save a lot of time, but reading books could take a long time depending on the speed of reading.Sometimes you read tales of adventurers and the people who do great thing seem to be super-human, incredibly resourceful, strong or wealthy and you end up thinking ‘that’s amazing, but I could never do that’. Perhaps not anything quite so remarkable as crossing a desert on my own apart from a few camels, but my own adventures nevertheless.Since then I’ve found out for myself that it is indeed true, the hardest bit about any adventure is making the decision to take the first step.She makes lots of mistakes, things go wrong, she loses confidence at times, and it is by no means easy.At the start of the journey she’d never met a camel, let alone knew about how to work with them!On the other hand, movies give a particular picture of the story to the audiences, and the audiences get details through visual and hearing.The audiences can only get what is shown in the movies but can’t think outside the box for more creative thinking.


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