Business Phone And Internet Plans

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You'll also enjoy unlimited access to the UK's largest wi-fi network, with over 5 million hotspots.BTnet is our dedicated, unlimited leased line offering.When you have multiple providers, you have to call each company for troubleshooting, and you may have have to go back and forth to find out if the matter resides with caused by your Internet provider, or your local provider, or your LD provider.

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Better security If you’re running a business, you’ll probably need a higher level of internet security to protect both your company and your customers.

Business broadband security will help shield you against cyber security threats like malware, viruses and trojans, as well as attacks by hackers.

Faster speeds Business broadband services tend to offer faster upload speeds than standard broadband services.

Plus speeds should be faster because there will be fewer people using the line at the same time as you.

A static IP address An IP address is the code that identifies your computer when it goes online.

Business Phone And Internet Plans

With a home broadband package, this is dynamic – that is, it changes each time you log on.

Bundle your services with Primus, and keep your business humming like a well oiled machine.

Forget the additional headache of managing multiple communication vendors.

This will guarantee what you can expect in terms of fixing problems within a certain amount of time, connection speeds and minimising downtime.

If these guarantees aren’t met, you may be able to get compensation.


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