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Accounts from both the director of recreational services, Julian Gretchen, and the athletic director, Joel Nielsen, are included in this portion of the plan that help to justify that the golf course does not seem to fit within the university.The business plan includes some alternative options for the golf course if it were to not be owned by the university.

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In such conditions, carefully defined strategic plan helps clubs to stay afloat in times of financial turmoil and shrinking demand.

Trying to establish a competitive position without a clear understanding of your club’s strengths, weaknesses and external environment, as well as clear direction of where the club is moving and what it is trying to achieve, is as good as trying to cross a storming ocean without navigation.

The course underwent a rapid renovation, which included the building of a new clubhouse, an irrigation system, and new tees.

New parking places were added and upgrades were made to the grass surfaces, the drainage system and the watercourses.

to the City, long-term agreements were negotiated for the lease of the City - owned land on which the golf course sits.

Since that time, the corporation has been the investor and manager and since 2004 the owner of the complex.

The strategic plan is a document which should define your course’s purpose and major goals, such as where you strive to be in the upcoming few years in terms of membership, competitive position.

It should also set out how are going to achieve these goals through a defined set of actions. Without doubt solid strategy and implementation are vital for survival and provide a club with the best chances for success.

All mechanical and technical equipment was also brought up to date.

By undergoing this massive rebuilding, the Karlovy Vary golf course was able to become one of the more prestigious European golf establishments.


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