Case Study Assignment

For this, it is only fair to increase his compensation by giving him a pay raise.

The advantages of giving Giovanni a pay raise is that it motivates task performance.

It refers to how well a job can provide fulfilment to the employee and how well it serves as a mean of enjoyment (Gautham 2012).

Individual employees may feel negative towards various aspects of their jobs that can lead to job dissatisfaction.

Self-actualisation is the growth of an individual toward fulfilment of the highest need, it occurs when people can maximum their potentials and is capable to the best they can do (Sze 2016).

After Giovanni is turned down by this promotion, he expresses in his email to Ingrid that he is “looking for a change” or a growth opportunity, and by not receiving this promotion, he feels as he “has been overlooked” thus feeling not being recognised.Not having the opportunity to climb the ladder to career growth can foster job dissatisfaction.If the company does not afford the opportunity for Giovanni to grow, he will be disenchanted and become dissatisfied.Such as he has managed to introduce successfully the online induction process and it is now well used by all new employees at the company.This was not originally in his scope of work, so the value and benefits he has created for the company have gone up (Young Entrepreneur Council 2017).Job satisfaction can be global or facets, global refers to an employee’s general feeling towards the job and facet is how the employee feels towards a certain aspect of the job (Novack 2013), such as the work itself, compensations and career opportunities. Ingrid is the CEO of Bathurst Bank, she is currently undergoing a dilemma on deciding a suitable replacement for an HR director position, as the current HR director Liz is going on a maternal leave.The work itself has the strongest influence on job satisfaction. Ingrid has the options to either promote someone from Liz’s department to step in or find an external person to cover the maternal leave period on a shortterm contract.Giovanni, the team leader of talent and development team, strongly recommends himself as the replacement person, while the other team leaders respond with anyone but Giovanni.According to Liz’s report on Giovanni’s last performance appraisal, Giovanni is an exceptional performer in the work he does and has a great ability to contribute to the organisation.The reason for Giovanni to feel this way is because he has done all he could possibly do to prove his ability and his outstanding performance, as he states he has “made an impact” and is “capable to do more”.According to Maslow’s Need Hierarchy Theory, Maslow proposed that humans are motivated simultaneously by multiple drives, strongest source of motivation being the lowest unsatisfied need at the time (Mc Shane, Olekalns, Newman & Travaglione 2016).


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