Cash Management Research Paper

Cash Management Research Paper-76
In this way, the definition of cash management is empirically corroborated.This paper analyses the effect of cash management on the financial performance of cooperatives banks in Rwanda. The population comprised of 148 employees of ZIGMA CSS from which a sample of 108 employees was determined using Solvirn and Yemen’s formula.For any organization to operate on a daily basis adequate cash flow is required.

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Cash management are generally taken care by treasurers of the company or the business managers.

The other branch of cash management is intacct cash management....

A multi regression analysis was used to analyse relationship between the variables.

The results from the survey revealed that ZIGMA CSS uses various cash management techniques in the cash management.

Thus king (cash) should be managed well to be in the business and also to grow financially.

Cash management is key to run the business efficiently that will also avoid the bankruptcy.

[tags: Business Accounting] - Introduction Proper cash management and efficient short-term financing are both important and beneficial to a company in order to maintain a competitive market share, which will increase profit potential and shareholder value through rising stock.

Cash management can be used to lower or eliminate idle cash balances that do not earn revenue, using the freed up cash as sources for short-term financing through interest building securities.

Short-term financing allows a company to secure needed funds in order to meet production needs and gain maximum profitability....

[tags: Business Finance] - Internal cash control is very important to any business.


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