China Essay

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It is claiming an increasing share of world output (as measured by GDP).

Adjusted for purchasing power parity, China has overtaken the USA to account for a 17.65% share, the worlds largest.

The contribution to global warming is also of great concern, as is the burden of the pollution related disease on the economy.

As the Chinese economy ages, its workforce will become sicker and it does not need the extra burden of workers missing days and needing hospital care.

It is home to 16 of the worlds 20 most polluted cities and leads the world in smog-related respiratory and cardio-vascular disease deaths.

25.5 million tonnes of acid rain falls every year, thanks to the sulfur dioxide and black carbon that pours out of China’s thousands of coal fired power stations (provide 70% of total power) and steel/chemical plants.

It is also leveraging this growth into broadening its soft power.

It has the third most voting power in both the World Bank and the IMF – evidence of the dividends of this is the decision by the IMF to make the renminbi a part of the Special Drawing Rights basket of currencies, a major step in the renminbi's rise to global reserve currency status.

To water scarcity, you can add; desertification, overgrazing, soil salinization, soil erosion a loss of biodiversity and air pollution.

Many of these challenges have arisen due to increasingly intensified farming practices that are required to feed China’s ever-growing population., particularly the middle classes that are now demanding far more meat than the Chinese agricultural system was ever expected to produce.


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