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He investigates how the Roman Empire breaks down in the fifth century and the Eastern Roman empire lives till the next century. He analyzes the two parts of the Roman Empire in the era i.e. that Briton was owned by Rome without actually conquering the region.

Indeed, it is the Punic wars that saw the rise of the Roman Empire and echoed the thud falling of the republic......precedent and out of keeping with [the spirit of] our age." This policy by the emperor eased matters for Christians as they were not going to be persecuted openly, but it was not a perfect solution as they were not considered to be normal citizens in the empire. He said very convincingly: "For we invoke the eternal God, the true God, the living God for the safety of the emperors. Fall of the Roman Empire There were various proceedings that led to the fall of the Roman Empire, a decline that took about 500 years.

Most scholars view Christianity as one of the main reasons that led to its decline.

Caligula announced that he was a god-ruler, deified and divine.

He erected statues to himself in various places across the Roman Empire to be worshipped (Tinsley 246). History 5 April Caligula and the Roman Empire “Caligula” is the nick of Gaius Julius Caesar Germanicus, who was born in AD 12 to Germanicus (nephew of Tiberius) and Agrippina the elder.

He was wearing the miniature version on military sandals called “caligae”, and the soldiers called him Caligula, which means “little sandal”.

In AD 31, when Caligula was 19 years old, he was called by Tiberius to the island of Capri.Rome was quite well known for adopting different gods from other cultures and including them into the pantheon of their own deities because they believed that these Gods would help them during illnesses, famines, drought and other problems faced by them.The Romans were also famous for their belief in animism because they had a strong opinion that the spirits lived in the lakes, rivers, land and trees that surrounded them.Romans considered religion as something of an attitude that was consistent with loyalty and unity to the state. Lucian Dronca Due August 5, 2009 The Roman Empire was one of the largest and most influential Empires.They believed that the gods helped their cities and people to thrive, and any new customs that deviated from those that had been.....war to Hannibal, a great Carthaginian general. Its influence on architecture, philosophy, law, language, religion and government of nations around the world lasts to this day.In his ‘Annals’ Tacitus explains how Nero got many of the Christians arrested, mockery thrust upon them and then ordered them to be brutally killed.He also explains how they were “wrapped in the skins of wild animals, torn by dogs, nailed to the cross or even burnt alive to provide light at night, when the daylight had faded.”7 In fact, this was just the beginning of the Christian persecution by Nero.What followed after the decline of the Roman empire was the......?Roman Persecutions of Christians The attitude of the Romans to religion, in the early days of the empire, was very practical and tolerant.During the first half of the 2nd century, the persecution of the Christians intensified during the rule of the emperor Trajan.In accordance with Pliny, the governor of Bithynia, he brought about a new policy for the Christians.


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