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We concluded that the most useful approach would be to set the issues in the context of contemporary Christology, explaining what major theologians, Scripture scholars and schools of theology are saying regarding the six questions about Jesus to which the congregation drew attention in its notification: method, divinity/humanity, incarnation, the kingdom of God, Jesus’ self-consciousness and soteriology (explanations of how Jesus achieved our salvation).

Sobrino’s method opens up a postmodern Pandora’s box of theological speculation.

To ask if Jon Sobrino’s Christ is too postmodern is to ask if the C. F.’s primary concern is the role that truth plays in theological reflections.

However, the teachings of Scripture and tradition are not self-interpreting.

For this reason, Christology is not only complex but dangerous.

Does the notification assert that Sobrino’s Christology falls prey to such skepticism?

There is reason to think so, namely, the concern for “the manner in which the author treats the major Councils of the early Church.” The notification lifts out this particular quote from Sobrino’s : “While these texts are useful theologically, besides being normative, they are also limited and even dangerous, as is widely recognized today.” While recognizing the limited character of dogmatic formulation, the notification insists that “there is no foundation for calling these formulas dangerous, since they are authentic interpretations of Revelation.”Here the wisdom from the Orthodox tradition and the relevance of Chrysostom’s text become evident.

When you see this one as a beggar, do not only refrain from insulting him, but actually give him honor, and if you witness someone else insulting him, stop him; prevent it.

Homily 20 on 2 Corinthians Wisely Bishop Ware refused to elaborate on the quotation and left us to ponder its meaning.

Truth is not simply about objectivity but also solidarity. Having a both-and Christology is not the same as postmodern skepticism.

And this is one of the lessons I learned from Chrysostom’s text. It is the very nature of a faith that proclaims that God is one and three, that Jesus is human and divine.


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