Code Switching Research Paper

Suppose in a company, tow workers who are speaking in Arabic and switches to French or English after they start communicating with the third person, is called Code Switching (Code-Switching OR Code-mixing, n.d.).“In different Arabic world with the different varieties as low or high in many places; the varieties of relationships as formal or friendly also expressed through different varieties or codes (switching through same language), for example the friendly relationships expressed within low codes while formal one as relation at work or teachers to students in universities and schools are expressed within high varieties.

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Constituents of one language can be found with the constituents of another language in a number of linguistic phenomena, namely lexical borrowing, transferring, interference, calquing, diffusion, reflexification, code switching and code mixing, etc.

The two linguistic phenomena that are claimed to be the most established and common modes of interaction among bilingual speakers are Code switching and code mixing (Redouane, 2005).

Code mixing can be related to mixing of two or more languages while doing conversation.

Every bilingual experience this kind of occurrence at different stages.

It can happen in either cases whether multilingual or bilingual depending upon the participant and situation (Code-Switching OR Code-mixing, n.d.).

A code could be a language or a style of language (Code Mixing and Code Switching, 2009).

Code switching has long been thought to be stigmatized in education (Crowl and Mac Ginitie, 1974; Lara, 1989; Ramirez & Milk; 1986).

Code switching has been identified as a deficiency of the bilinguals who are not well developed in either language that they use (Myers-Scotton:1993) Not much emphasis has been placed on the simultaneous development of the two languages in bilingual children by the educationists.

This is the same with different Arabian accent” (Code-Switching OR Code-mixing, n.d.).

Gumperz (1982) defines code switching as “the juxtaposition within the same speech exchange of passages of speech belonging to two different grammatical systems or subsystems” (p. In case of bilinguals, the behavior of switching between different languages in discourse, oral or written is considered as code switching (Ruan, 2003).


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