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Overall: I started reading on Swoonreads in December 2017 and posted a book in 2018.

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Kirsten Oliphant, the site creator, offers relatable advice in her blog articles and podcasts.

Find some of the best writing blogs below for help with the publishing process, from behind-the-scenes intel to publishing tips and tricks. Jane Friedman Jane Friedman has more than 20 years of experience in the book publishing industry.

These blogs help writers market their books and create blogging personas to engage an audience more effectively. The Write Life This writing website offers solid ideas for blogging, including working from home, pitching ideas, guest posting, and much more. Goins, Writer National best-selling author Jeff Goins shares real-life experiences and reflections on building an audience, shortcuts to success, and engaging a community in the age of Internet fame. The Book Designer As stated in its tagline, The Book Designer gives "practical advice to help build better books," which includes writing creative disclaimers, choosing the right platforms, and using social media efficiently. Angela Booth Angela Booth, a copywriter, ghostwriter, author, marketer, and writing coach, writes ample posts to help authors improve book sales and ensure that a book will be a financial success. Need marketing advice on promoting your writing without coming off as too pushy?

Create If Writing "is all about authentic platform building" for writers seeking to sell their work.

Overall: I started reading and writing on Tapas in 2017. I love that you can schedule a day and time to post a chapter but it’s hard to gain traction while competing with other novels and comic books. Posting to these sites are great ways to generate monetary funds, gain beta readers, feedback and exposure.

Swoonreads is a reader-powered imprint under Macmillan Children’s Publishing Group. (8–21–19)If you liked what you read, check out my follow up article: Top Publications for Fiction Writers on Medium coming soon.

Even better, these writing websites are categorized so you can find just what you're looking for at just the right moment.

With everything from creative writing advice to publishing guidelines (and everything in between! Weiland, the writer behind Helping Writers Become Authors, is an award-winning author who shares creative writing advice on story structure, character arcs, common writing mistakes, and much more! Inklyo This website offers great advice for authors, bloggers, businesspeople, and students.

Up and coming and established writers have websites like these: Wattpad is a community for readers and writers spanning across different genres.

Though the idea and concept is refreshing, as of right now the site is not for me. Tapas is a publishing platform home to serialized stories. If you are a writer considering self-publishing, have you already tested your work with a potential audience?


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