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The true business of school is not to chain the students to preconceived ideas, but to set them free to discover their own ideas and to help them bring all their powers to bear upon the problem of learning.

Passing it around the room, have students take turns removing all detail, leaving only the bare essentials of the information, and then passing it to the next student to re-add the details back in.

When the original authors receive their own descriptive paragraph, have them compare the differences between the first and last draft.

Poets, short story writers, non–fiction writers and playwrights have a home at Mercy.

Several curricular and co-curricular opportunities serve to encourage this community of dedicated writers.

You can complete the sentence as yourself or as a character, but the idea is to be honest and respond quickly without overthinking.

Fill in several sentences, and then each student can choose their favorite as a starting point for their writing.

Advanced Workshops: Advanced Workshops focus increasingly on craft and technique.

Advanced Writing Workshop allows students to continue experimenting with both fiction and poetry, while the other advanced classes are genre-based and much more focused.

An elective course offered by the English Department, entitled Creative Writing, is designed for the serious writer.

The course focuses on the ”how to” of writing poetry, fiction, and creative non fiction.


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