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It raises various relevant themes, such as wealth of so-called ‘old money’ society, segregation into classes, as well as American Dream futility.

Great Gatsby is a young man who managed achieve amazing wealth despite his less than prestigious background, but he is still rejected by those who were born into money initially.

Some trends change but classics remain just that, classics, and they are studied by every generation.

Each grade helps you work toward your final goal of graduating with superior grades and taking a prestigious position in a professional world.

All events happen in small fictional town in West Egg, where Great Gatsby builds his luxurious mansion.

During WW1, he was a common soldier who could never hope to belong with high society.

So, how to write the best literary essay on Great Gatsby?

The Great Gatsby essay is an academic piece of writing that touches a topic of American Dream and the way it’s portrayed in Francis Scott Fitzgerald’s novel.

Tom, Daisy’s rich husband, sneers at Gatsby’s achievements and suggests that he is a criminal because “these newly rich people are just big bootleggers” (Fitzgerald 115).

When Great Gatsby dies in an accident, in an attempt to protect Daisy, only three people attend his funeral.


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