Customer Loyalty Literature Review

The Impact of Customer Relationship Marketing on the Firm Performance: A Spanish Case.

An Examination of the Relationship Between Service Quality, Customer Satisfaction, and Store Loyalty, International Journal of Retail & Distribution Management.

Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty-Where Product and Service Quality Hit the Bottom-Line!

This paper analyzes the concept of Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

The literature reviews strengthen the notion that the increase of customer loyalty can be achieved through positive impact of CRM strategy.

In spite of the most essential advantages of CRM, there are some difficulties in CRM implementation for many organizations.

Therefore, this study attempts to investigate and find out the key elements of CRM that can lead to the increase of customer satisfaction and loyalty. Customer Relationship Management: In B2C Markets, often less is more, California Management Review.

Set: Customer Relationship Management and Build your Customer Strategy.

Measuring the Quality Of Relationships In Consumer Services: An Empirical Study.

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