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the process in which green plants use energy from the sun to transform water, carbon dioxide, and minerals into oxygen and organic compounds.

Photosynthesis means: putting together the light: photo (light) synthesis (put together) A taro plant soaks up water through its roots.

This chemical energy splits up the water and carbon dioxide molecules and makes glucose.

Glucose (what the plants “eat”) and oxygen are produced by photosynthesis.

Other organisms, such as animals, use oxygen to aid in their survival.

If we were to write a formula for photosynthesis, it would look like this: 6CO The whole process of photosynthesis is a transfer of energy from the Sun to a plant.

A plant uses light to put together chemical compounds and turn them into carbohydrates: food.

Although the word can be used to describe any process that uses light to connect compounds, the word is almost always used to describe a plant's method of making food.

The oxygen that is produced is released from the same tiny holes through which the carbon dioxide entered.

Even the oxygen that is released serves another purpose.


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