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To administer and provide oversight relative to the disbursement of funds for the provision of indigent defense services in Broome County (except in cases where such services are provided directly by the Broome County Public Defender's Office).

The Virginia Indigent Defense Commission is committed to equal employment opportunity for all persons on the basis of merit and the bonafide occupational requirements of the positions allocated, including knowledge, skills and ability.

The Supervising Attorney shall have the power to appoint such deputies, assistants, and employees of the Department of Assigned Counsel as may be necessary to perform the duties of the Office of Supervising Attorney and as shall be authorized by the Tompkins County Legislature.

All deputies, assistants, and employees of the Department shall be directly responsible to the Supervising Attorney.

At the time of appointment and throughout the term of office, the Supervising Attorney shall be and remain duly licensed and entitled to practice law in the State of New York.

The Supervising Attorney shall be appointed on the basis of required legal experience and other qualifications appropriate to the responsibilities of the office.The Plan’s administrative staff also responds to numerous daily inquiries from members of the public (most often prospective or present appellants) in an effort to provide a readily available resource to assist in applying for poor person status and assignment of counsel, as well as answer inquiries or address concerns once an assignment has been made.The mission of Assigned Counsel Services is to provide the courtrooms with attorneys (EHC/HC) to represent parents and children.The attorneys assist in child protection and delinquency matters.Contractual providers of legal services are available to represent juveniles in both delinquency and child protection proceedings, including appeals that may arise from the proceedings.It’s about overly aggressive law enforcement, a supine judiciary and almost comically ineffective representation, and how all of these things put a man on death row who nearly everyone now agrees is innocent — even the man who prosecuted him now doubts his guilt. And it’s about the murder of a much-liked deputy that, because of all of this, remains unsolved.Getting pulled over by a police officer can be unsettling for anyone.Except as otherwise provided in this Charter, the Supervising Attorney shall ensure that all indigent persons are provided with quality legal representation in a timely manner through the Office of Assigned Counsel.To this end the Supervising Attorney shall, with advice from the Advisory Board on Indigent Representation: The Supervising Attorney shall, under the general supervision of the County Administrator, ensure that all operations of the office conform to the policies and procedures adopted by the Tompkins County Legislature.But it can be especially stressful for someone with a communication issue. 1, called the Samuel Allen Law, could help prevent that miscommunication.It’s named after a young man who has Asperger’s syndrome — an autism spectrum disorder — and who has campaigned for special identification on state driver’s licenses.


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