Developing A Hypothesis For A Research Paper

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Remember, this is scientific and scholarly stuff we’re talking about, so don’t think Google will have everything you need.

If you insist on using Google, opt for Google Scholar.

Example: If leaf color change is related to temperature, then exposing plants to low temperatures will result in changes in leaf color.

Example: If the rate of photosynthesis is related to wave lengths of light, then exposing a plant to different colors of light will produce different amounts of oxygen. One is "independent" and the other is "dependent." The independent variable is the one you, the scientist control and the dependent variable is the one that you observe and/or measure the results.

Hypothesis statement--a prediction that can be tested or an educated guess.

In a hypothesis statement, students make a prediction about what they think will happen or is happening in their experiment. EXAMPLES: Question: Why do leaves change colors in the fall?(will be worked on in class prior to due date) Your hypothesis statement will be turned in during science class, reviewed by the teacher and returned.Below is a short explanation of a hypothesis statement and some examples of hypothesis statements.Hypothesis: Chocolate may cause pimples All of these are examples of hypotheses because they use the tentative word "may." However, their form in not particularly useful.Using the word does not suggest how you would go about proving it.With a general idea of your research study in place, start asking questions about your subject. Keep in mind that your hypothesis might end up being wrong. If you discover that kids who spend an hour on their tablets immediately before bed are likely to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer, great! If you’re wrong, the next step is to begin the research process again by creating new research questions, a new hypothesis, and another study.These will be questions that aren’t likely already answered in the literature you’ve just read. If all of the information you’ve read states that teens and adults who use electronic devices immediately before bedtime have trouble falling asleep, staying asleep, and/or getting restful sleep, you might wonder whether the same is true for young children. Parents everywhere will be thanking you for finding a way to get their kids to go to sleep. (But we’ll worry about that another time.)Writing a badass hypothesis is one thing, but writing a badass research paper is another.Hypothesis: (noun) a supposition or proposed explanation made on the basis of limited evidence as a starting point for further investigation. That sounds pretty serious (and a little intimidating too). In simpler terms, a hypothesis is an idea of what you think will happen in your experiment or study.You’ll make this prediction after you’ve completed some research but before you’ve conducted your study or experiment. Learning how to write a hypothesis for your badass research paper isn’t that bad, either. Before you start writing, you’ll need to choose a topic.BONUS RESEARCH TIPSAs you read through the literature, take note of what types of experiments and studies have already been completed.You don’t want to duplicate previous research (unless, of course, you feel the study was somehow completed incorrectly or it failed to analyze specific information).


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