Developmental Method Thesis

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' How does a researcher go about and study the changes?

The two primary ways are cross-sectional and longitudinal, which we will more thoroughly explore in other lessons.

The researcher then leaves the room for 10 minutes while others behind a two-way mirror count how many chips they eat.

A way of thinking of cross-sectional studies is you are taking a section from across a spectrum.

Kids in elementary school develop quickly, and their skills grow exponentially.

Take a moment to consider the differences between the different developmental periods.The researcher will follow the same process with each individual in each group.The participant will sit down in the chair and be instructed not to eat the chocolate chips.It'd be nice, but unfortunately we are stuck experiencing time in one direction.As we just discussed, there are magnitudes of difference between a few years of growth.The difference is that in a few years we will have the same group of kids come back and then we will retest them.Every three to five years the same group of participants returns so that we can test them.In our example of studying inhibition, we will collect participants from each age group.So, we will have a group of children acting as representatives of their age group.Before we get into examples on how this is done, we first need to have something to study.It sort of makes sense, and I'm sorry I had to put it in, but it's where we have to start.


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