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In order to disseminate these findings, we compiled a list of different opportunities around San Luis Obispo for children's active participation in music.Our goal is to provide parents with a resource to help them facilitate their children's involvement in music.

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Social media offers new opportunities and challenges for adolescents more today as a generation than ever before.

Issues regarding body image, academic achievement, and self-esteem and the connection to social media usage is reported. Objective: Most individuals experience a stressful event at some point in their lives.

Throughout my childhood and adolescence relocating was a common event for my family and me.

Moving around influenced my perceptions of the world around me and views of myself in numerous ways.

The fact that my family and I lived predominantly outside of the United States added an additional layer to my experiences.

Eventually, I learned that there was a term for my nomadic lifestyle and that people all over the world shared relatively similar experiences.

A third to half of those individuals will meet criteria for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) during their lifetime.

Individuals that do not develop PTSD likely have better coping skills regarding trauma.

Targeting specific coping strategies that reduce PTSD symptoms helps mental health professionals and providers create interventions and prevention skills.

Method: Eighty-four participants from a university took an online survey. Questionnaires were given to determine if the participant had experienced one or more traumatic events.


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