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The human digestive system, like those of other vertebrates, is built around an alimentary canal - a one way tube that passes through the body.

The human digestive system, like those of other vertebrates, is built around an alimentary canal - a one way tube that passes through the body.The function of the digestive system is to convert foods into simple molecules that can be absorbed and used by the cells of the body.

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However, in order use food, we must first break it down into substances that the various organs and cells in our body can use. The digestive system acts in stages to digest our food.

Each stage is important and prepares the food for the next stage.

Note the route of non-fat nutrients from the small intestine to their release as nutrients to the body.

The processes of digestion include six activities: ingestion, propulsion, mechanical or physical digestion, chemical digestion, absorption, and defecation.

Known as the peristalsis, these contractions, which occur throughout the alimentary canal, squeeze the food through the 25 centimeters of the esophagus.

Food from the esophagus empties into a large muscular sac called the stomach.Its walls produce a powerful combination of enzymes and strong acids, and contractions of its smooth muscles thoroughly mix the food as you swallow.The duodenum is the first of three parts of the small intestine, and its the place where most of the chemical work of digestion takes place.Chewing - Chewing is the first stage of the digestive system.When you chew your food it breaks up big pieces into little pieces that are easier to digest and swallow. It has special enzymes in it that start to break down starchy food (potatoes, bread) while you chew. Swallowing - Swallowing may seem like a simple process to us. But food doesn't just fall down our throats into our stomach.The entire length of our digestive system is around 20 to 30 feet!Here are the major stages of the digestive system: 1.Any food that the body doesn't need or can't use is sent to the large intestine and later leaves the body as waste.The Liver and Pancreas The liver and pancreas do a lot to help the digestive system along. The liver provides bile (stored in the gall bladder) that helps break up fat into smaller bits.As a chyme enters from the stomach, it is mixed with enzymes and digestive fluids from the other accessory digestive organs and even from the lining of the duodenum itself.Our body needs food to provide it with energy, vitamins, and minerals.


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