Dimensions Of Health And Wellness Essay

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How we think about wellness is affected by our culture and our life experiences.While all dimensions of wellness need our attention for us to truly flourish, there doesn’t have to be a balance among all dimensions.Mayo Clinic Healthy Lifestyle Page CDC Tips for College Health and Safety SAMHSA's Wellness Initiative 101 Health and Wellness Tips for College Students New York Times Well Blog Mind Body Green Huffington Post Healthy Living Elite Daily Wellness Psychology TED Talks Eating Well: Mind, Body & Spirit Center How to Avoid the Freshman 15 Mindful by Sodexo Addiction Resource Mindfulness Activity Adult Coloring Pages Being emotionally well means that you have high self-esteem, a strong sense of self, and you are able to cope effectively with the events of your life.

When we integrate practices of spiritual wellness we are able to connect in mind, body, and soul.

Financial Wellness Financial Wellness includes our relationship with money, skills to manage resources to live within our means, making informed financial decisions and investments, setting realistic goals, and learning to prepare for short-term and long-term needs or emergencies.

It is also about avoiding or minimizing risky behaviors like alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs.

Most importantly, physical wellness is about discovering what healthy habits make you feel better and suit your lifestyle and level of mobility and fitness.

Emotional Wellness Emotional wellness encompasses optimism, self-esteem, self-acceptance, and the ability to experience and cope with feelings independently and interpersonally.

Emotional wellness includes: practicing self-care; fostering inner resources and resiliency; finding unique ways of coping with stressors; creating satisfying relationships; empathizing with others; and being realistic about expectations and time; and knowing when to ask for help.Intellectual Wellness Intellectual wellness encourages participating in mentally stimulating and creative activities.Improving intellectual wellness can happen in and out of the classroom.Part of this dimension includes an awareness that everyone’s financial values, needs, and circumstances are unique.Check out these websites for more information on how to boost your wellbeing!Social Wellness Social Wellness focuses on connecting with your community and the people around you, which includes being aware of your own social and cultural background as a bridge to understand the diversity and depth present in other backgrounds.This dimension encourages taking an active part in improving your communities, connecting with others, establishing supportive social networks, developing meaningful relationships, and creating safe and inclusive spaces.Vocational Wellness Vocational wellness involves preparing for and participating in work that provides personal satisfaction and life enrichment that is consistent with your values, goals, and lifestyle.This dimension includes taking a thoughtful and proactive approach to career planning and assessing personal satisfaction and performance in one’s work.It is the ability to think critically, reason objectively, make responsible decisions, and explore new ideas and different points of view.It also emphasizes lifelong learning and inspires curiosity.


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