Discuss The Sources Of Literature Review

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When you do this, you will also learn how to decode the way how people talk about a topic within a discipline.This will be useful to you when you begin a review of the literature in your area of study.

When you do this, you will also learn how to decode the way how people talk about a topic within a discipline.

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Although a discovery tool, such as a database or catalog, may link you to the ‘the literature’ not every tool is appropriate to every literature review.

No single source will have all of the information resources you should consult.

Once you have that essential overview, you delve into the seminal literature of the field.

As a result, while your literature review may consist of research articles tightly focused on your topic with secondary and tertiary sources used more sparingly, all three types of information (primary, secondary, tertiary) are critical to your research.

Trade publications or trade journals are periodicals directed to members of a specific profession.

They often have information about industry trends and practical information for people working in the field.Disciplines are knowledge-producing and -disseminating systems which consume, produce and disseminate knowledge.Looking through a course catalog of a post-secondary educational institution gives clues to the structure of a discipline structure.It will include both theoretical and empirical works.Both types provide scope and depth to a literature review.We see that a single topic can be approached from many different perspectives depending on how the disciplinary boundaries are drawn and how the topic is framed.This step of the research process requires you to make some decisions early on to focus the topic on a manageable and appropriate scope for the rest of the strategy. ‘The literature’ consists of the published works that document a scholarly conversation in a field of study.For example, think about the disciplines that might contribute information to a the topic such as the role of sports in society.Try to anticipate the type of perspective each discipline might have on the topic.Information does not exist in the environment like some kind of raw material.It is produced by individuals working within a particular field of knowledge who use specific methods for generating new information.


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