Dissertations In Mathematics

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Broderick PDF The Influence of Risk Taking on Student Creation of Mathematical Meaning: Contextual Risk Theory, Erin Nicole Houghtaling PDF Uncovering Transformative Experiences: A Case Study of the Transformations Made by one Teacher in a Mathematics Professional Development Program, Rachelle Myler Orsak PDF Student Teacher Knowledge and Its Impact on Task Design, Tenille Cannon PDF How Eighth-Grade Students Estimate with Fractions, Audrey Linford Hanks PDF Similar but Different: The Complexities of Students' Mathematical Identities, Diane Skillicorn Hill PDF Choose Your Words: Refining What Counts as Mathematical Discourse in Students' Negotiation of Meaning for Rate of Change of Volume, Christine Johnson PDF Mathematics Student Teaching in Japan: A Multi-Case Study, Allison Turley Shwalb PDF Applying Toulmin's Argumentation Framework to Explanations in a Reform Oriented Mathematics Class, Jennifer Alder Brinkerhoff PDF What Are Some of the Common Traits in the Thought Processes of Undergraduate Students Capable of Creating Proof?

, Karen Malina Duff PDF Probing for Reasons: Presentations, Questions, Phases, Kellyn Nicole Farlow PDF One Problem, Two Contexts, Danielle L.

Gadd PDF Mathematical Telling in the Context of Teacher Interventions with Collaborative Groups, Brandon Kyle Singleton PDF An Investigation of How Preservice Teachers Design Mathematical Tasks, Elizabeth Karen Zwahlen PDF Student Understanding of Limit and Continuity at a Point: A Look into Four Potentially Problematic Conceptions, Miriam Lynne Amatangelo PDF Exploring the Mathematical Knowledge for Teaching of Japanese Teachers, Ratu Jared R. Bukarau PDF Comparing Two Different Student Teaching Structures by Analyzing Conversations Between Student Teachers and Their Cooperating Teachers, Niccole Suzette Franc PDF Professional Development as a Community of Practice and Its Associated Influence on the Induction of a Beginning Mathematics Teacher, Savannah O.

Steele PDF Types of Questions that Comprise a Teacher's Questioning Discourse in a Conceptually-Oriented Classroom, Keilani Stolk PDF Student Teachers' Interactive Decisions with Respect to Student Mathematics Thinking, Jonathan J.

Alegria PDF The Linear Cutwidth and Cyclic Cutwidth of Complete n-Partite Graphs, Stephanie A.


Nguyen PDF On the Evolution of Virulence, Thi Nguyen PDF MONOID RINGS AND STRONGLY TWO-GENERATED IDEALS, Brittney M.

Salt PDF The Irreducible Representations of D2n, Melissa Soto PDF Effects of mathematics professional development on growth in teacher mathematical content knowledge, Carol Elizabeth Cronk PDF Ore's theorem, Jarom Viehweg PDF Minimal surfaces, Maria Guadalupe Chaparro PDF Mordell-Weil theorem and the rank of elliptical curves, Hazem Khalfallah PDF Teaching and learning the concept of area and perimeter of polygons without the use of formulas, Jamie Robin Anderson Mickens PDF An upperbound on the ropelength of arborescent links, Larry Andrew Mullins PDF Conics in the hyperbolic plane, Trent Phillip Naeve PDF Primary decomposition of ideals in a ring, Sola Oyinsan PDF Tutte polynomial in knot theory, David Alan Petersen PDF Stone's representation theorem, Ion Radu PDF Construction of finite homomorphic images, Jane Yoo PDF Gauss-Bonnet formula, Heather Ann Broersma PDF Investigation of 4-cutwidth critical graphs, Dolores Chavez PDF Geodesic on surfaces of constant Gaussian curvature, Veasna Chiek PDF Minimal congestion trees, Shelly Jean Dawson PDF Symmetric representation of elements of finite groups, Timothy Edward George PDF Modeling queueing systems, Angela Zoi Leontas PDF The structure of semisimple Artinian rings, Ravi Samuel Pandian PDF The evolution of equation-solving: Linear, quadratic, and cubic, Annabelle Louise Porter PDF Aspects of the Jones polynomial, Alvin Mendoza Sacdalan PDF The solvability of polynomials by radicals: A search for unsolvable and solvable quintic examples, Robert Lewis Beyronneau PDF Symmetric generation of finite homomorphic images?

Alharbi PDF Homomorphic Images And Related Topics, Kevin J.

Baccari PDF Geometric Constructions from an Algebraic Perspective, Betzabe Bojorquez PDF Discovering and Applying Geometric Transformations: Transformations to Show Congruence and Similarity, Tamara V.


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