Division And Classification Essay About Friends

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These users are usually who have played all games and answered all quizzes and tired of them all.Therefore, they come up with their own new games or quizzes and invite their friends to join.They are those who like to make new friends, keep in touch with their friends, or even search for long lost friends.

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During elections, for examples, these blog users will campaign for whom they support on their page on Facebook.

Unlike political columnist, there are bloggers who use the internet just to express their feelings.

The last category of Facebook users is the blog-mania.

Blog mania can be classified as a political columnist, feeling-sharing loner and Facebook promoter.

Facebook users have always logged on to the website at any time for many purposes.

Some play games while some others chat with their friends.

For whatever reasons they use Facebook, friend seekers, game addicts and blog mania have their very own reasons to do so.

Classification essay is a type of academic essay that presents the reader with a comprehensive list of things related by one root concept. The unifying essay topic may be an activity, a type of person, place or thing.

The first type of game addiction, the players are usually addicted to this game making it hard for them to do other things than playing this game.

These players log in to the Facebook, not sleeping a wink to play Farmville.


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