Division Homework

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Go to the grade you’re teaching and select the skill you want your class to practice.However, it's important to re-visit the concept each term to determine if they have retained the information.Long Division is, just as Fractions is, a math topic that can really put young math learners off.In this game, you’ll spend time calling out various animals and tell your students how big of groups to split up into.When students can’t divide evenly, the remainder moves into a “holding pen” until the next round.You can create pieces with long division equations and answers.To add an extra challenge, include questions with remainders in their solutions.It's normal for children to be a grade below or above the suggested level, depending on how much practice they've had at the skill in the past and how the curriculum in your country is organized. Autumn Math Worksheets Spring Math Worksheets Summer Math Worksheets Winter Math Worksheets Christmas Math Worksheets Earth Day Math Pages Easter Religious or Secular Halloween Math Worksheets St Patrick's Day Math Worksheets Thanksgiving Math Worksheets Valentine's Math Worksheets Although the activities are geared more to the preschool to kindergarten age group, adding one or two less challenging activities when learning the numbers can be a welcome break for the kids and can be given as a bonus activity for those who finish their work early.Unfortunately, our website is currently unavailable in most European countries.But division is taught differently nowadays to the way many parents learned and you'll need to understand the new method in order to be able to support your child at home.In this section of the site you'll find lots of division worksheets covering areas including the sharing method of division, the long division method, the chunking method, knowing your division facts, inverse operations – multiplication and division – long division with decimals and fractions as division.


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