Dos And Don Ts Of College Essays

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That isn’t to say you should be cocky or boastful, however. All the same, if you campaigned hard and worked to get policies changed in your time as class president, talk about it!

If you practiced extra hours to shave a few seconds off of your personal swimming record, talk about it!

This is your chance to stand out so make sure that your admissions essay truly reflects you.

An essay that is truthful, appealing, and motivating can increase your chances of acceptance.

If you formed a club, if you were the lead in a school play, if you got a 4.0, if you won the school talent show—this is your time to showcase it. Now is the time to re-read and make sure everything flows.

DON’T: Forget to edit Often the Achilles’ heel of any essay—whether you’re a superb writer or not—is editing, or more specifically, lack thereof. Now is the time to give your essay to someone else so they can edit it with fresh eyes.DO: Stick to the prompt First and foremost, write what they want you to write. Trying to “cheat” the prompt by quickly writing about what was asked of you, and then going on to write about what you really want to say is not going to help you in the long run.So do yourself a favor and stick to that prompt–it’s what the college wants to know about you. • Include information already cited on the application. The more time you have, the less stress you’ll have. • Make sure your essay is organized, coherent, and concise. • Mention any hobbies, past jobs, community service, or research experience. • Show, don’t tell (Use examples to demonstrate your abilities). • Proofread and revise your statement at least 3 times. • Discuss why you're interested in the school and/or program. It’s so easy to sit back after you’ve written your concluding paragraph, click save, and then send it in. You don’t want the admissions team to think less of your essay for one or two silly, fixable mistakes, after all.Use these do’s and don’ts, as well as our other essay writing tips, and you’ll be in good shape.What should and shouldn't you do in writing your admissions essay or personal statement? • Write about yourself and use examples from your own life experiences.


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