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Think about formulating an interesting hook in your paper’s introduction to capture your audience (i.e. Talking about your research may help you to test and sell your ideas (see Bartunek Research topics that are narrow and deep are more likely to make a substantive contribution to the literature. 5 “Don’t be known for being a one-trick pony” which relates to an area of research rather than an individual topic for a paper You are not the first researcher in the world. “It takes just as much time to write an unimportant paper as an important one” (Davis, 2001).

Document the number of contributions (see Bergh, 2003; Corley and Gioia, 2011; Ireland, 2009; Rynes, 2002; Whetten, 1989)There are different approaches to finding ways to contribute to the literature, such as gap-spotting and problematising (see Alvesson and Sandberg, 2011; Locke and Golden-Biddle, 1997; Sandberg and Alvesson, 2011)Research is a complex system of moving parts.

I share these rules with the intention of helping those at an earlier stage in their career to learn the principles which are often so taken for granted that they remain unspoken, tacit knowledge.

As a supervisor, I make sure all my masters and doctoral students know the rules of the game, but not all supervisors appear to do the same (if they know the rules of the game themselves, which is an assumption not always merited).

The challenging issue of co-authoring is covered in Section 6 (six rules).

The rules conclude with some repetition, the most important rule of all (one rule) (Table I). They must be applied in practice, which is a lifelong learning process. 8-9) observe, “games are epistemologically beyond the compass of lists and definitions and can only be properly known through playing.

Each rule is accompanied by a brief description/some advice and citations to support the rule.

Most of the papers cited are short articles on a research rule-of-the-game topic. They start with some high-level general advice on conducting research and being a researcher (11 rules).

Pick two to five areas, at least one of which should be mainstream in your discipline Issues to consider include where you want to position yourself in the literature, what type of research you are interested in and whether your research complements your teaching.

Look at other researchers’ profiles for ideas of what a good publication strategy/plan might look like.


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