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Through these, he managed to anticipate the Americanism in such an ancient time, what other Americans are starting to focus on attaining in the recent days.

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This symbolized the humanity and the future world, which through manifest destiny would concentrate majorly on the American continent.

This indicated Americanism from his opinion that would possibly be compared to the Slavism of Modern Russian Stalinists, thus the American continent would be the first to implement the idea of democracy (Folsom and Wilson 143).

Retrieved from https://studentshare.org/literature/1436869-walt-whitman-and-emily-dickenson-and-their (Walt Whitman and Emily Dickenson and Their Americanism Research Paper) Walt Whitman and Emily Dickenson and Their Americanism Research Paper. s School Song of Myself – Walt Whitman Song of Myself is a series of poems compiled together in the form of various sectionspublished for his work “Leaves of Grass”. Walt Whitman is champion in writing from life and within life.

https://studentshare.org/literature/1436869-walt-whitman-and-emily-dickenson-and-their.... Here Here Here 18 December Fall Final One of the great American poets, Emily Dickenson paints a portrait of the somber feelings of despair that can visit a person living through a cold, dreary New England winter in her poem, “There’s a certain Slant of light” (Dickenson, 1890). This poem has been written by Walt Whitman which was first published into twelve sections in......? His expert conception and perception regarding life will be always beyond the general understanding of life and poetry.

Whitman’s Americanism is very evident since he as a man and a poet, understood his position of being an American and a citizen as well.

Through his writing, he ran the risk of having his people misunderstand him especially the sectarians of all the sects, through his pursuit for purisms (Folsom and Wilson 141).

According to Folsom and Wilson, in dedicating these poems to Lincoln, Whitman proved and incarnated his idea of the “redeemer” for all the Americans, the concept of the “captain”, and that of “first-class leader” (138).

He had faith in democracy, looking from his side the tremendous storm passed by many institution to his nation during his time.

For instance, brotherhood is an aspect that had been condemned through despotic paternalism by initiating revolutionary and poetic power, which did not exist for a long time (Folsom and Wilson 136).

Since Whitman lived specifically inauspicious for democracy in the entire state, the two presidential candidates of the year 1856 from his perspective were mere dwarfs in politics as compared to Emerson.


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