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Usually, they are simply confessing to things the college never would have known about in the first place.

Usually, they are simply confessing to things the college never would have known about in the first place.I’ve seen students confess to racism, sexism, and homophobia.These students not only use politically incorrect language (I’ve seen more than one student refer to “the poors” – not a good idea), but also tend to write about their experiences as if they were previously unaware that poor people suffered.

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Maybe the struggle is passing a really tough class, or maybe it’s overcoming shyness.

In these essays, no matter what the struggle is, and no matter whether the student ultimately succeeded or failed, there’s always a magical epiphany at the end.

I’ve seen students go on at great length about the one math test they failed in 9th grade.

All of them redeem themselves by the end of the essay, but first they give the reader a negative image to hold on to.

To craft an essay that will help you stand out, you’ll need to avoid clichés.

Here is our list of the top 5 essay clichés: These essays follow a formula: struggle success/failure = epiphany.If you’re a really good writer and you’re willing to get lots of input from teachers, tutors, counselors, or other third-party readers, then you can craft a truly excellent essay on this topic.Sadly, many students fail to consider their essays from the point of view of someone who has never met them.Students spend their entire high school lives building a list of impressive accomplishments and extracurricular activities.It’s little surprise that many students write about this in their application essays.This seems like common sense, but a surprisingly large number of students do this every year.They think they are writing a story of redemption and reformation.In an attempt to bolster college applications, tens of thousands of students participate in community service projects. It becomes somewhat less awesome when students write about their community service projects without fully considering how their essays might be misconstrued.This type of essay describes some sort of service project.Since you should have already listed your extracurricular activities, leadership positions, awards, honors, and recognitions in the appropriate space in your application, you don’t need to write about all of them in your essay.It’s repetitive and it often fails to tell the admission officer anything new about who you are.


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