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It is better to listen to alpha, theta, or even delta frequencies to tune in to the right wave-length while writing an essay on the topic “The Importance of Music”.

Try out listening to the relaxing music, which you’ll find below, to get focused enough.

According to a study on music habits in the US, Audio Monitor US 2018, the average time Americans spent each day listening to music is 151 minutes.

The time while listening to music peaks among young people aged 16-24 at 175 minutes.

Sacks himself studied patients with Alzheimer’s disease, their response to music and their feeling of ‘triumph’ as they found comfort in it.

Essay About Music Education Introduction Of Review Of Literature

Due to the impact that music can have on people’s lives, it can be used in various areas.Thus, as it was already mentioned before, music helps therapists and psychiatrists calm patients and empower them.Teachers use music as an educational tool which allows children and students to memorize the materials more effectively and in a certain context.Today, there is a separate industry devoted to music.Many people are involved in creating, performing, recording, promoting, and managing the business of music – songwriters, composers, musicians, vocalists, producers, managers, and other support staff.Sounds were the first and most natural means of expression used by our distant ancestors, and primitive flutes from animal bones were additional tools to express themselves. There are many pieces of evidence proving the claim that “Music is the universal language of mankind”.So it is worth to state the fact that music is a part of human culture.It is chosen for you with the consideration of time needed to read this article to the end and write a good essay on the assigned topic – about half an hour.Take into consideration all the key points to write an essay in an hour. The role that music plays in our lives is more than significant.We hear it everywhere – in cars, in nightclubs, in ads, in movies, etc.We buy tickets to attend concerts or music festivals; we pay subscription fees for music streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music, i Tunes or Pandora.


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