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Program ini bertepatan dengan hasrat YSS untuk melahirkan pemimpin sukarelawan siswa di persada dunia yang bersifat holistik.Justeru, pendedahan dan pengurusan kewangan yang bijak adalah salah satu intipati yang menepati kehendak.yang bertemakan celik kewangan dan kesediaan pasaran buat semua Alumni YSS yang merupakan mahasiswa Institut Pengajian Tinggi di Malaysia.

As a first-generation university student (which means he is first in his family to go to university), he secured a full scholarship from Yayasan Khazanah to pursue his education dreams in the United Kingdom.

As a scholarship receiver, he is always in search of ways to contribute back to the community and he realised that there was a huge knowledge gap in tertiary education pathways between students from rural and urban areas.

Even with PTPTN and other loans, it won’t cover the entire tuition fee and in the end, the loanee will be saddled with debt after graduating.

Thus, for students who aren’t privileged or lucky enough to have the funds to pursue tertiary education, the only option they have is through scholarships.

The team—or as the Project Ed team calls them, “Contributors”—contribute RM45 monthly.

The amount of funds will be accumulated and will be utilised in their annual Knowledge Is Free Scholarship Programme.

Comprising of students who range from 19 to 25 years old and mostly prestigious scholarship recipients themselves (such as Yayasan Khazanah, CIMB Bank, JPA, and Maybank), the team has a strong belief that everyone’s small effort can collectively be powerful enough to create a substantial impact for the community.

“We empower students to achieve their fullest potentials through our digital mentorships, scholarships opportunities, and educational workshops,” Nelson explained.

To date, they have more than 50 contributors who are contributing monthly but they are looking to increase their contributor base by opening up the opportunity to everyone, ranging from students, parents, teachers and the public who believe in their vision.

As for the selection process of the scholarship programme, contributors will be able to take part in the nomination and selection process too.


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