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This rule only applies past midfield and, when violated, is known as offside.

Offside is only called when the ball is played from behind, meaning offensive players cannot be offside if the ball is between themselves and the opponent's goal.

Soccer goals sit on the ground at each end of the field.

Basketball goals, also known as rims, are 18 inches in diameter and attached to the lower portion of a glass or wooden backboard 10 feet from the gym floor.

You can score in soccer on goals and penalty and free kicks, and each goal is worth one point.

Basketball scoring involves long-distance shots made from behind an arc that are worth three points while all other shots made from within the arc with the clock running are worth two points.

You advance the ball and attempt to score a goal primarily with the feet.

In basketball, touching the ball with feet is forbidden and scoring is done using the hands.

Soccer Football is a rugged outdoor game played on a rectangular field by two teams using an inflated ball.

High school football, in general, follows the college rules.


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